Tips for Male Figure Painting – Strong Scene Contest

Poetry, artists, and writers. Douglas Simonson, a well-known artist, has created a painting based on many other paintings of great quality. This video showcases one of his latest worksthe male portrait painting.

The artist used a model of a male to shoot the painting it was referred to by him as “Fabian bathing”.

Simonson, an artist, shares some helpful tips that can help novices discover the potential of their art.

Once he has selected the image He tweaks the image, paying attention to the primary hues and patterns. He uses the tweaked photo to copy the image onto his canvas. Simonson mixes the four to five primary colors that he intends to utilize. Simonson mixes acrylic paint rapidly because it is quick drying so he mixes only the first color set.

He takes a look at the colors his choice to be sure that they will work on the canvas since they appear different in the palette than on canvas. After that, he applies big strokes to draw the outline of the figure and gives more definition to the background and it becomes the focal point of the painting.

Simonson emphasizes that art shouldn’t be dull, even novices can create beautiful art. ghyu8izgdu.

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